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We are Portuguese entrepreneurs who believe in the power of authenticity and diversity. Passionate about the world of fashion, we have been realizing how hard it is to find unique and authentic pieces.

Most fashion is designed by unknown talent with no real story behind it. Mass production by fast fashion brands ignores very often the values of individuality and diversity making everyone look alike.

We feel the need for authentic fashion where the talent, the values and the life experiences of real people are at the core of each piece.

We want people to live diversity, to live their values and reinforce their identity. 

We want to make the world a more authentic place. 





 ✓ We have authenticity at our core; we want to bring real artists creations to people's daily lives

✓ We embrace  diversity; diversity makes the world a richer place to live in

✓ We promote individuality; we give people the opportunity to be themslelves by wearing what story is closer to their personality

✓ We live the values that include attention to detail and quality in everything we do

✓ We are optimistic; we see the world in a passionate and positive way



We create authentic and limited designs in collaboration with talented artists.

Our garment is the result of an original creation of a real artist combined with the finest materials. Each piece of art is a creative expression of a story that incorporates the experiences and beliefs ​​of each artist. 

We want to dress you up with the talent you love.


Step 1: Discover fresh and exciting talent

Step 2: Collaborate with the artists in their creative process 

Step 3: Work with the best textile experts

Step 4: Deliver a unique and authentic experience