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Cátia Brás 

CatiaBArt is an illustrator born in Lisbon. Cátia finds inspiration in nature, people and their spaces; as well as in the dialogue with the client that serves as an engine in the creative process. She has already had the opportunity to collaborate with brands such as Condé Nast, Universal Music and with artists such as Harry Styles and Cardi B. Cátia sees her work as a journey in permanent evolution, where nothing should be static or taken for granted.


Francisca Coutinho 

Francisca Sarmento Coutinho holds a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the University of Lisbon. She studied drawing at the National Society of Fine Arts (2011). The artist has participated in several group exhibitions. It is the intuitive and often unconscious forms present in her imagination that emerge in her artistic creation. Immersion and artistic introspection are an intrinsic part of her daily life.



Vânia Sacramento 

Vânia Sacramento chose to be a children's illustrator as it gives her the opportunity to dream and be a child again. Her work is colorful and full of life and it is deeply marked by themes such as diversity, inclusion, community, growth and celebration.


Emilie Bourel 

Emilie Bourel is a French artist who lives in Portugal. Passionate about watercolor and colors, the artist is an illustrator and textile designer who has been working in children's fashion mostly. Emilie loves to get inspiration from her trips, in which she spends lots of time drawing, either by hand or digitally.


Clémence Riviere 

Clémence Riviere is a french illustrator and textile designer. She creates patterns and illustrations for fashion and interior industries. Her sincere and genuine drawings as well as her bold colour choices make Clémence’s style very recognizable.


Marjorie Plouhinec

Coming from Brittany, Marjorie is strongly connected to the ocean and found her port in Lisbon. This is where she works as a fashion designer and gets inspiration from the details of everyday life, its light and the harmony of Nature itself. The artist is passionate about textiles and clothing and loves to discover and experiment new things.


Mariana Sousa

Graduating in Fashion Design, Mariana has been in love from the very beginning with the world of sewing and, consequently, with fashion. She loves creating clothing with a romantic and contemporary style. Always keeping herself aware of the sustainability of our planet and its social issues, the artist made her dream come true by creating her own clothing brand. 


Vera Matos Beltrão 

Vera de Matos Beltrão, born in Lisbon, studied Product Design and later gratuated in Architecture. However, the artist has never left her passion for illustration, which allows her to explore her creative side and remember her early school days, where drawing wasa priority in her daily life.


Gosia Gregorczyk

Gosia Gregorczyk is a creative watercolor artist and graphic designer based in Gdansk, Poland. Color has a huge impact on her life and her creative work. The artist studied techniques such as serigraphy, etching, aquatint, engraving and linocut but painting has always been her passion.
Gosia acknowledges: “Watercolours echo how I live my life - fluidly, 
uninterruptedly and enjoying every valuable moment”.


Tae Lee

Tae is a Korean born artist, living in New York. She loves working with various mediums such as watercolor, gouache and oils. “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have”. Tae believes that little processes everyday make big differences in the end and her working process is a kind of meditation.


Vlada Donev

Vlada Donev’s passion is art in all its forms. Dancing, playing instruments and painting has been part of her life since childhood. Born in Belarus, Vlada prefers to use watercolour and acrylics in her pieces of art and gets inspiration from love, music, beautiful people and Nature.




Inês Sousa Cardoso Peres

 “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” – there has never been a truer phrase to describe Inês Sousa Cardoso’s role in her family. As a descendant of the great Portuguese artist, Amadeo Souza-Cardoso, painting was in her blood and has been a big part of who she is since a very young age. Today, Inês works as a freelance artist, illustrator and designer.






Shirin Nahali Moghaddam

Shirin Nahali, born in Iran is the artist behind this beautiful watercolor painting. An art lover since her childhood, Shirin graduated from high school and university with a degree in graphics and worked in the graphic field as a freelance designer.

Along with graphics, Shirin continued to paint and became interested in drawing patterns with watercolors and is now working as a pattern Designer



Margarida Fleming

Margarida started by exploring spaces, but gradually came back to the faces which had always captivated her. From photographs of portraits that captured her, the painter workson a bone structure line, an intriguing posture or a colorful composition that brings out the imagination of whoever could be the owner of the eyes where it all began.


João Lomelino

What defines João Lomelino the most as an artist is his vision or, as he would put it, “my own way of looking at the world.João is an artist with too much thirst for creative freedom to be limited to one medium, one kind of knowledge, one direction. This thirst led him to study design, freehand drawing, screen printing and other almost forgotten ancient techniques.  


Jo Hummel

Jo Hummel has been scrapbooking, drawing and finding meaning in everyday objects as a means of expression since a very young age, when being a social butterfly was not something that came easy. Today, she works on solo and collective shows with various galleries all over the world.




Svetlana Makarenko

A delicate sensitivity and a taste for the natural world are what move this freelance watercolor artist. During her maternity leave, Svetlana started working on the therapeutic power of creating watercolor paintings. From then on requests and new clients lined up for her illustrations, giving her the impetus to create a career as a freelance watercolor painter.

António Bezerra

António Bezerra is the artist responsible for the pattern that embellishes everything we do.. Being passionate about both art and science, he is interested in how they can be combined – or how science can feed or inform the work he develops in the context of New Media Art.



Teresa Ruivo

Teresa is a clinical psychologist and can’t quite explain why one day, while looking at Eduardo Gageiro’s photographs, she felt compelled to draw. That was the beginning of a beautiful passion she explores whenever she has the chance. She is part of “Urban Sketchers”, a group of people who gather to share the love of drawing places where they pass by.


Alice Vicente

Design and Photography were the academic paths that would lead Alice to the conclusion that her passions were too many to limit. Today she is happy with her work as a photographer, while never giving up on exploring other ways of making art. After all, a wedding photograph can be just as artistic as an original watercolor painting.


Olga Krivova

Olga loves experimenting with different techniques and mixing them together, creating textured pieces that have elements in pencil, acrylic and gouache, as much as the watercolors that she loves. Her true passions are portraying elements of the botanical world, food and fashion.

Vicky Lastra

Moved, above all, by ideas and creativity, Vicky is in love with traveling and painting. The artist also works with Interior Design and Architecture; but Illustration doesn’t leave this Argentinian’s hand, which is always searching for new creative challenges.

Aka Corleone  

AkaCorleone is Pedro Campiche, a Portuguese-Swiss visual artist, formerly known as a graffiti writer of Lisbon’s underground life. A compulsive drawer, obsessed with everything graphic and visual since a very young age, he studied arts and got a degree in Design and Visual Communication in 2007. A few jobs as a Graphic Designer followed, until he became disillusioned with the area. That was the moment he began to explore freelance illustration to complement his livelihood and development as an artist. Today, his work is recognizable for many reasons, one of them is the use of color as well as his original and humored compositions.

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 Add Fuel 

Add Fuel is Diogo Machado, a Portuguese Artist and Illustrator. He started off working as a graphic designer in Portugal and Germany for a few years, until coming to the conclusion that he wanted to focus on more artistic projects, enhancing his identity as an author. In 2007, he started dedicating his time exclusively to work of that nature, starting out with illustration under the name “Add Fuel to the Fire”, evolving to “Add Fuel”, the alter-ego he keeps to this day. Diogo loves working with patterns, reinterpreting the aesthetic language of the traditional tile art in fusion with the universe he developed with his illustration work. From public large murals in stencil, tile panels and prints, Add Fuel’s art has been shown around the world.  


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Teresa TAF

Teresa Adão da Fonseca, a Porto native artist, grew up with a strong presence of arts. Her internationality ( she has lived in many diferente cities around the world) brings her inspiration for her work as na experimental and independente artists.Having worked in Graphic Design, Illustration and Visual Arts, Teresa holds a strong belief in the impact of art in education, collaborating in many educational projects.  

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Media Jamshidi

Media Jamshidi lives in Turkey, although she was born in Iran. She’s been painting ever since she remembers existing and works with several different mediums: vectoral illustration, digital painting, acrylic, chalk and watercolors. Although she has worked as a freelance graphic designer in the past, nowadays she is dedicated to the family business and to photographing and painting.


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Maísa Champalimaud  

 Maísa can’t even think of her life without connecting it to some kind of artistic expression. As a young girl, she was painting, playing piano, acting out plays or dressing up. You could say that arts are an inescapable part of her DNA. Determined to pursue her passion, she decided to spend her adolescent afternoons learning with a painter and becoming who she would inevitably be: a painter and an artist herself. A talented painter with great range and depth, she trusts her gut and intuition, which are essential for being able to run her own studio independently at the moment.

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Born in Lisbon but raised between Portugal and Belgium, Carmo had the artist bug from a very young age. She drew, she painted, she experimented. One day, she discovered photography, which became her lifelong love. Being a multi-talented person, she was a journalist for most of her adult life. Carmo is currently employed as a Fashion Category Manager – Shoes and Accessories for www.elcorteingles.pt while also moonlighting as the content editor for www.lmanifesto.pt. 

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Kateryna Savchenko 

Kateryna is a freelance watercolor artist from Ukraine who now lives in Norway. She defines herself not only by work as na artista but also as a mother and a wife. In love with the chromatic possibilities of watercolors and nature, when she is not creating original designs, Kateryna is teaching others what is she is most passionate about doing.

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Jéssica João 

Jéssica grew up surrounded by doodles hung up as art, tiny notebooks and the impulse that the imaginative world of cartoons gave her to draw. The human body fascinated her and she wanted to put it down on paper – which she did with a talent unusual for a child, that of understanding proportions and dimensions. She wanted to be a “Stylist” when she grew up. Only later did she understand that what she really wanted to be was an Illustrator in Fashion Design. And so, she did. Today she is a freelance in Fashion Illustrator.

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Kruella D'Enfer 

Kruella D’Enfer is a well-known Portuguese artist. She discovered her talent and love for arts in 2010 and has since then been painting, drawing and creating a body of work that stands out from any other. Kruella loves bright colors and geometric shapes, as well as the animal kingdom of our world.

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Inha Branco 

Inha Branco spreads her life story across the three countries she has lived in: Macau, where she was born, Portugal and the United States. Between studies, professional experiences and voluntary work, she has nurtured an aesthetic sensitivity and creativity from an early age.  In lively and pastel colors is where she shines best, showing, through her work, an ingenuity and energy that is both refreshing and comforting.

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Michelle de Reis

Michelle de Reis, a Portuguese fashion designer and illustrator, has developed her passion for watercolors and colored pencils since her childhood. With a body of work that comprises publications in internationally well-known magazines, Michelle always tries to display her love for nature in her work, with texturized references to plant and animal life.

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The Red Wolf  

The Red Wolf is made up of Filipe Duarte and Joana Campos Silva, who work out of their own home in Porto, Portugal. These artists main goal when developing an illustration is that it completely stops being theirs and starts belonging to the person who sees and buys it.

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Maria Imaginário

Maria Imaginário always felt very comfortable with the creative world, and what fascinates her the most are the colors and the infinite possibilities to create different shades. It is in the naivety of the pastel colors that dominate her paintings and sculptures that Maria Imaginário transposes many of her experiences as a person.

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